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My Heros

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

When you start drawing, you simply would like to draw well. To create recognizable figures. Then, you feel that owning the tools at your disposal is not a success in itself. (I dedicate a separate article to this topic.) You have to learn using the tool and medium well. You are more and more often looking for techniques and methods, and based on the end result you see, you get an idea of ​​how you want to draw well.

You will get to know more and more creators, even an artist followed by many, even an artist contemporary or even an icon who already involved in the history of art.

Then one day you will find 1-2 artist whose works, style and methods you can perfectly identify with. And you can accept them as a person, as a personality. Because for an artist, I think it’s inseparable and maybe the most important.

You envy the routine in their every move and want to draw the way they do. No, you don't want to draw the line as them, you don't want to put the patches that way, but you still want to handle the pen, the brush like them. With confident knowledge, but still instinctively. Authentically. Because when they draw, you see and feel that this is their style.

They already found their style. They found themself. I think this two things are the same.

I’m still looking for my style, which is really me, the genre which really expresses me, defines myself. Until then I am immersed in their work and I draw from them. Like when you’re in search of true love and you meet a couple in harmony and it confirm in your faith that it is worth looking for, because it exists. Such are my exemplaries in art.

Instead of any analysis and reasoning, let their images talk about my ideals.

Thanks to the Sketchbook Skool courses for getting to know them!

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