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About myself

"What am I really doing?

I'm dreaming, sharpening my pencils, make sketches, make mistakes,

correct them, paint, clean brushes, looking for my eraser,

imagine and build my inner world."

self portrait

I'm Edit Fisli, self-taught creator, I haven't participated in art education ever.​

My creations are mostly based on my own experiences. I was mixing my initial sketches with watercolor, this led me in the direction of sketching. My style is constantly evolving, thanks combining  the above techniques.



My figures are distinguish by characters inclined to fairy tales.​ My favorite subjects are urban scenes, capturing natural landscapes, illustrating our everyday objects or fictional stories.​

I am looking for an answer to whether the actual state of the creator gives birth to the picture, or rather the picture affects back to the artist. I feel that, in my case, my pictures make me. Drawing vigorous, one-line pictures gives a liberating feeling, while the detailed, meticulous elaboration helps me to immerse myself.



I would love to get some feed-back, so I was creating this site. If you like what I do, and have a project in the back of your mind, waiting for realised,  please do contact me!

my Activities


Participation in art contests:

The Art of Watercolour magazine New Reader's Competition 2021-2023

Escape Motions Artwork Contest 2021

Escape Motions Touch the Master Challenge 2021

USk Reportage Grant 2021

Explorers Against Extinction Sketch for Survival 2021

Doncaster Art Fair 2021


"Brush Sonata" chamber exhibition, Gallery of Nagykoru,

Hungary 2022

Urban Sketchers Open Exhibition, London, UK 2022

Completed courses:

@ Centre of Excellence: Art Therapy

@ Centre of Excellence: Art History

@ Sketchbook Skool: Portrait, Urban sketch, Creative lettering, Crosshatch, Watercolor, Colored pencil, Mixed media

@ Ben Springham: Fashion Drawing

Other projects:

Protegee of Sketchbook Skool Mentorship Program 2021

Illustrating my own book of poems - 2024


All appearing content is my own.

Please do not use any of my work.

By using I mean copying, downloading, reproducing or any other methods that would allow you to use my work without my permission. ​

If you would like to use any of my works, please be kind to contact me!

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